El Orfanato eléctrico, 2016

2005 Bio

Muchachito Bombo InfiernoStarted the tour with the Festival Actual at Christmas. More than 140 concerts in a year! In the beginning of 2005 Vamos que nos Vamos was published, an album which surprised both media and public.

Every concert made his fame increase, along with his band. Live at stage appeared Gigoleto Brass band in full. Josué «Ciclón» García, Trompeta, conductor, David «el Niño», tenor sax, Martín García, highpitch sax, Oscar Bas, trombon and Alberto Pérez, trumpet, all of them reinforced like no one the swing. Jairo calls up also his friend from childhood and youth, Santos de Veracruz, who was already working in the concert posters design and the record graphic art, and asked him to make a painting while performing.

This macrofamily goes together throughout Spain for two years and the success allows them shift to self management.